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Rescuer Stories

Ronald Finkel, a Bolivian tin baron, is one of the characters in “When We Return”. His character is rooted in facts so readers can have a real-world point of reference. It is based on the man by the name of Mauricio Hochschild, a German Jewish businessman who immigrated to Bolivia in 1918. Called the “BolivianContinue reading “Rescuer Stories”

When We Return

Originally posted on LITERARY TITAN:
When We Return by Eliana Tobias is a heartfelt and satisfying historical novel that seamlessly follows two different countries and timelines. We follow Jerry, who uncovers a shocking secret that his father has been keeping. Unable to ask his father the truth because he passed away, Jerry begins to question…

Q and A

For the past few weeks When We Returned has been on a virtual book tour. The novel was featured on online sites where I had the opportunity to interact with some of their followers. Today I want to share a few of the questions I was asked. Will you provide a brief bio (stuff thatContinue reading “Q and A”

Upcoming New Novel

I am thrilled to share that my new novel When we Return is coming out in May. As the current crisis in the Ukraine unfolds and we watch in dismay the devastating pain and suffering millions of refugees are going through you may be wondering as I am, what happens next. How will these familiesContinue reading “Upcoming New Novel”

Traumatic experiences impact generations to come

Researchers have found that individual experiences people encounter can alter the cells and behaviors in children. We possess multitude chemical compounds that can tell our epigenome what to do. Exposure to stress, diet, trauma in a parent, can trigger biological and health changes in their children and their children’s children. You see, our cells canContinue reading “Traumatic experiences impact generations to come”


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