Rescuer Stories

Ronald Finkel, a Bolivian tin baron, is one of the characters in “When We Return”.

His character is rooted in facts so readers can have a real-world point of reference. It is based on the man by the name of Mauricio Hochschild, a German Jewish businessman who immigrated to Bolivia in 1918. Called the “Bolivian Schindler”, he was a controversial figure. New papers discovered among trash, have shed light on this vilified mining tycoon.

Don Mauricio – as he was referred to, used his power and money to help save the life of thousands of Jewish refugees desperate to escape the horror they faced in Nazi Europe.

In my novel I have taken the seeds of his real life and taken the liberty to add some flavoring.

If you would like to know more about the real man behind Mr. Finkel – please listen to the new podcast from The Guardian ( titled: “How Bolivia’s ruthless tin baron saved thousands of Jewish refugees.”

This is where you’ll find recent information obtained about Don Mauricio’s life.

The Guardian Audio Link

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2 thoughts on “Rescuer Stories

  1. Thank you so much Rebecca. I hope you will find the stories informative. I have been shaped by the immigrant experience and personally witnessed many of the scenes in the novel. Accounts of conflict, persecution, discrimination, truth and reconciliation touch me deeply and I’m drawn to write about these issues. All the best, Eliana


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