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I am thrilled to share that my new novel When we Return is coming out in May. As the current crisis in the Ukraine unfolds and we watch in dismay the devastating pain and suffering millions of refugees are going through you may be wondering as I am, what happens next. How will these families cope with the aftermath of the war? What will the future bring?

Unfortunately the events in the Ukraine are just the latest of countless stories of conflict, persecution and discrimination civilian populations have had to face in the last decades. These accounts have touched me deeply and I needed to figure out how, after the horrors of war, people reckon with the violence and destruction they endured. And the big question – how do governments navigate their responsibility for the events that took place?

As you can see from the cover of my book, this story will transport you to various geographical locations – to countries rich in history, amongst them Peru.

This is where our main characters, a Peruvian refugee and the American son of a Holocaust survivor will meet and fall in love. The novel traces the generational history of the two families, both recipients of life’s shattering events. By exploring the resources countries have available to pay reparations to cover the damages inflicted upon them, we learn how reconciliation will be achieved.

Let me tell you what the Chilean-American, Wellsley College professor and recipient of the Gabriela Mistral Medal of Honor for Life Achievement, Belpre Medal, Peabody Award winner, poet and author of The Butterfly Hill Series, Marjorie Agosin, has to say about When We Return:

A spellbinding narrative that spans two continents Europe and Latin America at pivotal times of history. We are drawn to the life of its characters, those that escaped the fractured world of the Holocaust and those in Latin America who struggled for truth and injustice. A mesmerizing novel where history is braided with humanity. A passionate tale of resilience and fortitude.”

When We Return will be available where all books are sold very shortly.

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