Unheard and unseen

People who have been enforced to disappear from the face of the earth during civil conflict have finally gotten respect. Years back, those who went missing were rarely identified even though relatives demanded answers about their whereabouts. Nowadays, forensic anthropologists work diligently to find the places where people could have been laid to rest.

To identify human remains and personal belongings, forensic investigators must first search the land for signs of concealed locations where people could have been buried. Thousands of people who have disappeared in Latin America during times of state sponsored violence have been discovered decades later, in mass graves.

The forensic team carefully excavate the sites while looking for evidence of cause of death. Remains that can be identified are return to each family to bring closure for the relatives. All information collected can be used by the courts to find those responsible for the heinous crimes.

Salvador, one of the main characters in my novel “In the Belly of the Horse” works with a forensic anthropologist team. Read about his experiences in my books and learn about this important profession.

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